Business Agent Report – May 2020
by Chad Baker

City of Des Moines:

We are still in contract bargaining and we have agreed to comparable Cities that will be used moving forward. The Union presented an economic proposal to the City on Friday and we are waiting for a response.

City of Issaquah:

We have reached a tentative agreement on a successor agreement. Due to COVID the bargain went a way that we were not anticipating prior to COVID. The City is seeing revenue issues which are leading to budget shortfalls and are asking employees to take 80 hours of furloughs along with no longer matching the 457 for 2020 but will resume the match in 2021. The contract is a 3-year deal with wage increases retro back to Jan 1, 2020 for moving in to a new scale which includes market adjustments, a 1% increase July 1, 2020 and CPI min 1 max 3 for 2021 and CPI min 2 max 3 for 2022 effective Jan 1.

Falck NW:

We reached a fully recommended tentative agreement with Falck NW. Securing pay raises every year of the 3 year agreement, improving benefit costs, PTO usage, better attendance policy, and many other benefits in working conditions in a first agreement.

Highline TIII:

We held our first ever bargaining unit Zoom meeting which had 100 members in attendance. Members have many concerns with what the next school year may look like depending on COVID and social distancing. The Union is in constant communication with the District and will be available to provide an update once we have information on the upcoming year.

City of North Bend Clerical:

Ratified a new 3-year agreement with wage increases each year, with significant market adjustments based on market analysis that resulted in members of the bargaining unit being under paid.

All other municipalities have been relatively quiet as we try to understand and analyze the economic impacts of COVID in each jurisdiction. I hope you all are safe and healthy.

Thank you,

Chad Baker