Business Agent for May 2020
by Jason Powell

Lake Washington School District CBA is out for signature.

A termination grievance scheduled for Arbitration in June with Lake Washington School District was resolved to the satisfaction of the Grievant.

A seniority/pay claim grievance at Highline Public Schools was resolved to the satisfaction of the Grievant.

Upcoming negotiations:

Northshore School District (2 CBAs)

Edmonds School District:

Bus Drivers

Issaquah School District:

Maintenance (Building and Grounds), Custodial, and Warehouse.

I'm continuing my work on the SEBB Labor Relations Committee and have just started working with a new Committee organized by OSPI specific to strategic planning for school start up in the Fall.

Many of our less than 12 month K-12 members are on some form of paid leave or are working different forms of work rotation but are being kept whole regardless of actual hours worked.

Many of our 12 month K-12 members who generally work in Maintenance, Custodial, and/Grounds if not in a "High Risk" group are transitioning back to their normal work schedules.

City of Duvall:

We have just kicked off our Class/Comp study using the same Firm/Consultant which was used at the City of Monroe.

Jason Powell