Business Agent Report for May 2020
by Pat Silvernale

Members ratified an 18 month agreement with maintenance of benefits; $.25 in Teamsters pension, and $.75 in wages. We will then be lined up with the other two Teamster contracts that Locals 117& 174 represent.

City of Tukwila:
Currently voting on a furlough option for all members versus layoffs off for a few because of the financial impact to the city because of COVID-19.

The plant was shut down for five weeks because of the impacts of COVID-19. The plant reopened on 5-4-2020.

City of Shoreline:
Negotiations are still on hold because of COVID-19. We hope to start up again ASAP. This is a newly organized unit and this is their first contract. Fortunately, we were able to secure benefits and wages for 2020 and this delay has had minimal impact so far.

Highline SD:
Continues to be closed. We have started holding some Zoom meetings with our members in conjunction with HEA to share info and discuss COVID-19 impacts and our future.

All other units are currently working and no new news to report.

Pat Silvernale