Business Agent Report for November 2020
by Mary Keefe

American Medical Response Field Unit
We’ve reached a tentative agreement with the Company for a 2-year contract extension. The extension includes 3.5% general wage increases each year and improved premium shares (currently 75% employer/ 25% employee paid and will move to 80% employer/ 15% employee). For employees who participate in a high deductible medical plan, they will see a $250 increase to their Health Savings Accounts in the second year of the agreement. We are currently in the process of presenting and voting the contract extension.

Bridgestone Mileage Division
Bridgestone members saw their wages increase by 3% this month. This is the second
of four general wage increases negotiated in our recent successor agreement.

City of Seattle
Despite the economic devastation left in the wake of COVID, it appears that no Teamsters 763 members will face layoffs in this budget cycle. We are facing two position cuts and are currently advocating City Council to restore those positions. The City has not approached the Union regarding wage freezes or furloughs so fingers crossed, we dodged that bullet.

The City of Seattle has negotiated the return to work for most employees. The Coalition of City Unions negotiated a process for high-risk employees to seek accommodations and temporary assignments to safe, telework options. The Work-Life Balance committee, that I co-chair, is currently working on educational materials to ensure that workers know about and can access municipal, state and federal leaves in the event that workers are required to quarantine or are unable to work because of school closures.

King County
We won a Childcare Stipend benefit! Last year at this time, I reported about traveling to New York to study the largest Union negotiated Childcare benefit program in the Country. This year, in light of the COVID pandemic and school closures, the Coalition of County Unions was able to identify a pocket of funds within our Joint Labor Management Insurance program to cover some of the costs of childcare. We negotiated a one-year pilot program that will provide a reimbursement to members who have to utilize childcare so that they can continue to provide essential services. The program works on a sliding scale based on income, all members are eligible to receive a childcare reimbursement between $500-$5000 per child during the 2020-2021 school year.

We continue to negotiate a successor Master Labor Agreement and are currently scheduling small table negotiations.

The County Council has ratified a two year budget which includes two holidays (yet to be negotiated) and no cuts to current 763 members.

Political Endorsements
Washington state voters turned out at record levels in November, in King, Pierce and Snohomish counties, over 80% of registered voters participated in the election. There are several local races that are still too close to call and the State has until early December to certify all of the results. Teamster and labor endorsed candidates elected to office will help to ensure that our State prioritizes the safety and wellbeing of Union workers.