Secretary-Treasurer Report - May 2020
By Scott A. Sullivan 

Reports are being posted on the Local #763 website because the Local had to cancel the General Membership Meeting scheduled for May 20, 2020

I hope this report finds you and your family healthy and safe! It has been a challenge for the Local Union as it has been for the members to operate fully in this time of COVID-19.

Let me start by reassuring the membership at the local union is still operating to full capacity while doing business differently. Business agents are operating remotely from home and are available by email and cell phone. The office clerical staff are also working remotely from home, can be reached via email and have been rotating in and out of the local union offices on a weekly basis. Linda and Heather come in every Tuesday to process mail, post dues, prepare any mailings and correspondence that need to go out. Deena comes in the office on Wednesdays to process any checks, reconcile bank accounts and take care of any Local Union banking, etc. Chad and I come in on Thursdays to sign said checks, any newly ratified labor agreements, trust documents, etc.

Bellevue  Supervisors Labor Agreement update:

The city have indicated that they have a proposal to present to the bargaining committee. We will be looking for dates to conduct a zoom bargaining meeting.

All Parks and Public Works:

The challenges have been work schedules, in all jurisdictions; an example would be where parks and public work in the same city have different hours of work. Another example is the parks crew is split in half working 4/10s, Sunday thru Wednesday, while the other parks group working 4/10s, Wednesday thru Saturday. Both groups rotate every other Wednesday off with pay. Public Works same city working 5/8s, Monday thru Friday, with every other week paid but at home on call.

That has created issues between members and management!

I could go on, but will end this report with:

If a member has issues on the job, please reach out to your shop steward, or business agent. We are here to help!

Stay safe!

Scott A. Sullivan